How to Build Barbecue Gazebo

Mar 10th

Barbecue gazebo – Build with their own hands with a summerhouse BBQ is quite complex for a beginner the process requires taking into account many nuances, it depends not only on the beauty and functionality of buildings, but their safety. Before starting work, gazebos and barbecue preliminary drawings while all dimensions. It will help define the dimensions of the future construction in order to calculate the amount of materials required, and an estimate of costs. It should be noted, oven-grill is quite heavy, therefore, be considered a serious assessment of the nature of the soil, which directly affects the quality and stoves operational periods.

Perfect Barbecue Gazebo
Perfect Barbecue Gazebo

Barbecue gazebo, first and most important it is the choice of location for building: a place must be kept away from power lines and gas pipelines. In addition around should not be trees and dense shrubs. The height of the barbecue Foundation must exceed the level of melt water and sediment characteristic of their region. Observance of this rule promotes life extension ovens, protecting brick mortar joints sealed moisture and wet.

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To protect moisture needs not only the base of the oven, but the barbecue gazebo construction. Therefore, only place the oven under a canopy. To do this, initially must provide sufficient gazebos dimensions. In addition to ensuring the protection function, axis dimensions also influence the level of fire safety and the comfort of the campers.